Founded by Inventionland founder and CEO George Davison, this interdisciplinary project-based course will give students the real world, entrepreneur skills needed to turn ideas into working prototypes.

Throughout the curriculum, teams will work collaboratively to generate ideas and make a concept model, and then engineer each part of their invention using CAD technology. Then, using 3-D printing, students are able to transform their designs into a physical prototype. Next, to visually sell their idea, each group will use a graphic design tool to construct the external packaging for their invention.  Moving to the final stage, students will create a product sample of their invention, develop a marketing pitch and film an infomercial. The course will culminate in a “Shark Tank” presentation in front of professional entrepreneurs and inventors.

If you are interested in a course that taps into that creative part of you, are interested in learning to use innovative technology, and want to make your ideas a reality, email Inventionland Institute.